119: Pendulum Platform

This is a grey platform that swings back and forth, attached to a yellow hexagon (this isn't visible on the pendulum platforms used in the World 4 castle).

Sprite data

0000 0000 MPSM

M: The movement speed of the platform. Note that this value is split - the second digit of the speed in hex is inserted first. (observe the two non-adjacent Ms). For example if the sprite data is 00 00 00 00 B8 34, the platform will move at a speed of 4B in hexadecimal (75 in decimal).
P: The starting position of the platform. Set it to 0 (bottom, heading right), 4 (far right), 8 (bottom, heading left) or F (far left). The platforms in the World 4 castle use values other than the above (maybe it starts them somewhere in between the four positions?)
S: The size of the platform (0 being the smallest, F being the biggest) All the platforms in the World 4 castle have this set to 3.

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