91: Moving Platform on Line

These are platforms that move on the lines. You make the lines with Objects, and then place the platforms over the lines. If the line ends with a red dot, the platform will change direction. If not, it will fall. While falling, if it finds another line it will get it.

Sprite data

ID 00 00 00 WD US

ID: Activator ID. This platform will show if the activator is activated (used in W-8 Castle)
W: 1 if it waits for Mario to get on it before it starts moving, 0 if it doesn't. (Thanks to Hiccup)
D: Starting direction. If 0, the default direction is right or up. If 1, the direction is left or down.
U: Unknown value. Always 1 or F. Related to activators and W-8 Castle.
S: Speed from 0 (slow) to 3 (fast)

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